The French manufacturer of food containersfor more than 75 years

Commercial catering

GILAC is the leading manufacturer of plastic containers for the food industry that are developed to meet the expectations of the commercial catering industry and all those in the catering trade in general.

GILAC’s products:

  • make it easier to employ an HACCP approach,
  • meet the specific terms of use of the catering trade: approved for contact with food and can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C,
  • provide solutions to hygiene issues, offering products designed to minimise the need for holding areas,
  • guarantee top quality, ensuring product longevity and availability.
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Institutional catering

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GILAC’s product range is suitable for intensive use in the most demanding professional food industry environments.

All GILAC, products facilitate the employment of an HACCP approach and meet the specific terms of use of the catering (approved for contact with food can be used at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +90°C). GILAC provides solutions to hygiene issues, offering products designed to minimise the need for holding areas and guarantee top quality for all institutional catering professionals.

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GILAC has been offering a range especially for artisan bakers for more than 40 years.

A range of special containers and accessories has just been introduced to step up the GILAC “bakery/pastry” selection and to complete the leading ranges of 120L, 150L and 180L dividing food and dough containers and bread containers.

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Italian catering

GILAC is a leading manufacturer of dough containers for pizza catering professionals. A byword for quality and durability, GILAC products have managed to find their niche among pizza makers worldwide.

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Butchery/ Charcuterie / Delicatessen service

GILAC offers plastic food containers to meet the specific needs of all professionals in the cooked cold meats and delicatessen service trades.

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Food-processing industries

GILAC’s plastic food containers are extremely durable and enable large volumes to be handled, which meets the specific needs of those in the food-processing industry. GILAC’s products are used in different sectors such as cheese factories, dairy production, biscuit factories, cereal production, abattoirs, ready-meal production (canning and frozen food factories), sweet manufacturing, and the cooked cold/salted meat industries.


GILAC's "medical" range offers bedpans, urinals, glasses for patients and different specialist containers.

The special features of this range are:

    • products of outstanding quality based on "heavy materials",
    • product design that favours durability,
    • products that are suited to hospital use (may be disinfected in a bedpan washer , fully researched ergonomics).

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GILAC manufactures and distributes products specially for research and teaching laboratories (schools, high schools, universities etc.)

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Solid and robust, GILAC's products enable industry professionals to easily store, tidy away and move their equipment, raw materials and fluids etc. around.


GILAC'’s plastic trays are used at screening points in establishments where areas of increased security are required, such as airports, prisons, museums, Courts of Law etc.

GILAC's trays have been selected for use in these areas because of their sturdiness.