The French manufacturer of food containersfor more than 75 years

The corporate culture at GILAC is paramount and is demonstrated by 4 key values: quality, safety, sustainability and responsivity. For more than 75 years, the members of the GILAC team have been the guardians of its heritage and with customer service as the ultimate goal, continue to be set on maintaining and developing its expertise in the field and transmitting it to others. The company’s success owes much to these core values and has enabled GILAC today to become a household name among professionals and pride itself as the go-to reference in food containers.

French manufacturing 

GILAC is an independent French SME that has been designing, manufacturing and selling plastic containers for food and catering industry professionals since 1941. The GILAC factory is located at the heart of Plastics Vallée near Oyonnax in the Ain region of France (01). Company headquarters are located in Greater Lyon (in Charbonnières-les-Bains - 69), the capital of French gastronomy. Gilac is an ISO 9001 certified company (2015 version). In 2018 the company joined FrenchFab, the new label grouping together French manufacturers with the aim of showing o the expertise of the French industrial system.


Designing products for professionals, with professionals // Quality

Developed in close collaboration with professionals, GILAC products are designed for intensive use (shape, ergonomics, thickness, choice of materials) and the tool itself is adapted to suit the user. The outstanding durability of GILAC’s products has enabled the brand to become the n°1 supplier of food containers for the greatest French chefs..

Developing strong partnerships to pass its knowledge on to others

GILAC practices a dynamic approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and develops partnerships with schools, in particular with l'Institut Paul Bocuse, L'école Française de Gastronomie Ferrandi, Made in Sainte-Marie Lyon... Gilac has also added to the collections of Oyonnax's "Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie" by donating archived material and technical drawings. More information on the Partnerships section.

Ensuring strict compliance with food contact standards // Safety

GILAC guarantees durability by developing top quality products and outclassing usual industry standards. GILAC is one of the rare manufacturers who respects all the constraints that are linked to producing products that come into contact with food. Overall and specific migration testing is carried out on all products by an independent body. Food contact compliance certificates are made available to all professionals. For more information, consult our Food safety section.

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Product sustainability is the first step towards environmental friendliness // Sustainability

GILAC guarantees durability by developing top quality products and outclassing usual industry standards. GILAC fights against planned obsolescence by maintaining a steady product range, year after year, enabling professionals to update their equipment without having to make any changes to the basic installation. Moreover, the ranges developed by GILAC are “interchangeable” for ease of use. End of line products or rejects are given to the Agence du Don en nature (Goods To Give) association where they can start a new life!.

Offering the widest product range on the market at the best value for money together with a flexible and responsive service // Responsivity

Trademark owner of more than 400 moulds and models. GILAC produces series containing one to several thousand units and weighing from just a few grams to several tens of kilos. All this whilst guaranteeing the best prices on the market. With a product availability rate of more than 95 % and no minimum order requirement, GILAC provides a quick service for its customers and a seamless supply of provisions both in France and worldwide.


« Passe-moi le GILAC ! » (Pass the GILAC !) says the Chef to his apprentice, talking about the container on the kitchen worktop. Some of the most renowned chefs and catering professionals have been using “ GILAC ” as a generic term in culinary arts instead of the word “container” since 1941. It is only natural, as our products are well-known for being strong and perfectly suited to everyday use in all environments, by all catering professionals and comply with all applicable regulations. Our products are very much appreciated from generation to generation and are today an absolute reference for all those in the catering trade.