NoWW offers a turnkey returnable packaging solution aimed at zero packaging waste in food sales. To meet the expectations of consumers who are evolving towards better eating habits and in the face of new, stricter regulations, NoWW has decided to act by helping catering professionals, food distributors, and companies offer simple solutions for packaging reuse.

NoWW offers to install a smart deposit system for you. Once the returnable packaging is deposited in the system, the customer is refunded the cost of the deposit. NoWW then washes them in professional sinks and puts them back in the circuit. Both the Gilac airtight boxes and the NoWW deposit machines are designed and manufactured in France.

Example of setting up a deposit system using GILAC boxes at the Oncy sur Eole Intermarché.

Sticker available for our airtight boxes to help set up a deposit system in your establishments.

Read the interview with Catherine Rouanet (in French), co-founder of NoWW, a social and solidarity-based company.

‘The quality of Gilac equipment is recognised in the food industry. We don’t manufacture food containers so we were looking for food boxes made in France.’

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