The French manufacturer of food containersfor more than 75 years


Company founded by Olivier LACROIX using the first letters from his daughter’s first and last name to create the company name: GIsèle LACroix



1st plastic basin, 1st advertising slogan:
"Plastique GILAC - plastique miracle" (GILAC plastic – miracle plastic)

GILAC plastic – miracle plastic


Creation of the professional division.
Development of the first high-volume containers.

Creation of the professional division.

See large-volume containers


Creation of a medical range, inhalers, bedpans, spittoons etc.

Creation of a medical range, inhalers, bedpans, spittoons

See health/medical range


1st Gilac TV ad campaign with wrestler Cheribibi…


Incorporation of a new transformation technique: extrusion blow-moulding. Launch of a new range of containers for liquids

a new range of containers for liquids

See our range of containers for liquids


Colour incorporated into the production process and launch of ranges complying with HACCP standards

Container ranges meeting HACCP standards

See container ranges meeting HACCP standards


Relocation of the factory to the Verdun site (Oyonnax)

Former Gilac factory


ISO 22 000 certificate awarded


Partnership signed with L’Institut Paul Bocuse.

Partnership signed with L’Institut Paul Bocuse


Launch of GILACTIV – Anti-bacterial containers

See GILACTIV containers  


Launch of the Hygiene range with production of the first dustbins

Gilac dustbin range

See range of dustbins


GILAC becomes a French SME once again. New GILAC company founded, only taking on the professional activity of the original company. The former GILAC company, with its Consumer and Gardening businesses, ceases to exist. GILAC refocuses on the conception, production commercialisation of containers especially for professionals.


The original GILAC factory in Oyonnax relocates to a new site in Izernore (01 Ain region).


Installation of the new company headquarters and opening of a commercial agency in Charbonnières-les-Bains near Lyon (69260). The team of multilingual market managers is strengthened in order to promote and distribute GILAC products in France and worldwide (in more than 40 countries).


GILAC celebrates its 75th anniversary. To commemorate its 75 years of bold and impassioned advertising campaigns, GILAC brings its emblematic muse, Gisèle, up-to-date.


March 2017

GILAC obtains a renewal of the 2015 version of the ISO 9001 certification, a token of the company's continued efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Logo norme ISO

September 2017

GILAC launches its new website with more than 500 product references and the possibility for GILAC distributors to order products directly online.


GILAC expands its bakery range with more than 75 new products including Gilame© scoring knives, dough scrapers, proofing baskets.. Partnership signed with L’Institut Paul Bocuse


As part of its approach to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), GILAC is putting a huge recycling operation into place, retrieving all of the market’s PE and PP plastic containers that are likely to be replaced by GILAC containers.


GILAC launches the 1st ranges of products in biobased material (more than 20 products)! Biobased material comes from natural and renewable resources instead of limited resources such as fossil fuels. GILAC offers professionals alternatives to the usual materials while maintaining an optimal level of quality, in full compliance with the food safety standards in force.



Extension of the Gilactiv® range including 24 products treated with Sanitized® technology, which protects the product surface against viruses ans bacteria.