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Specific terms of use for products in contact with food.

GILAC product ranges are designed to make it easier to implement an HACCP approach to food safety in institutional and commercial catering and in the food processing industry.

GILAC products are for professional use and should be used in accordance with good hygiene practices in order to reduce the dangers linked to food safety. In particular, it is recommended that:

  • Products are washed before being used for the first time,
  • Products are washed with detergents that meet the standard requirements for foodstuffs,
  • Containers that have been heated to more than 90°C should not be stored,
  • Containers are not heated directly over a heat source,
  • Several different types of foodstuffs (or groups of different foodstuffs) are not stored together in the same container,
  • Non-food products are not stored in containers that will have contact with foodstuffs.
  • Grinders, mixers and knives should not be used in the container.