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GILAC undertakes a voluntary stance on CSR and is firmly committed to all aspects of training, patrimonial heritage and the economic and professional environment. GILAC continues to develop partnerships with schools, museums and associations.

L'Institut Paul Bocuse

L'Institut Paul Bocuse is among the international leaders of learning and executive education specialized in hospitality management, foodservice and culinary arts. It is inspired by the two visionary co-founders: Paul Bocuse and Gérard Pélisson.
The learning education, from the Bachelor to the PhD, is conferred to over 650 students from 50 countries. It is based on creativity and interactivity, theory and practice to develop high-level expertise, an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership skills.
The executive education transmits culinary and managerial skills to thousands of professionals. l'Institut Paul Bocuse develops tailor-made programs to meet the specific needs of companies. Its reconversion division promotes social reintegration as well as shifts in career paths. Its Center for Food & Hospitality Research supports innovative and disruptive ideas. Its scientific and professional team via a multidisciplinary approach, allows the student to face the challenges of an industry undergoing profound changes.

By using GILAC products, the teams and chefs of l’Institut Paul Bocuse provide essential feedback on the implementation of culinary excellence and a detailed evaluation of the products used in-situ.

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L’Ecole Française de Gastronomie FERRANDI

Ecole française de Gastronomie Ferrandie

Founded in 1920, FERRANDI prepares its students to work in the hotel and catering industry, the culinary arts and in the bakery and pastry sectors. The school not only offers not only a classic curriculum, but also short programmes where students can specialise or train for a career change.
The FERRANDI school bases its teaching method on learning a profession by way of apprenticeships. Teaching is practice based, focusing on the precision of movement and acquiring the techniques and basic savoir-faire that form the foundations of French gastronomy.

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Made In Sainte-Marie Lyon

L’Ecole de Plasturgie d’Oyonnax et Made In Sainte-Marie Lyon

Made In offers diploma courses in the fields of innovation management and entrepreneurship.The GILAC teams help to train young people as a partner company.
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L’Agence du Don en Nature

L'Agence du Don en Nature is an independent association of general interest under French law 1901, that collects unsold, new non-food products from businesses and redistributes them among its network of associations battling against exclusion, through a logistics platform. GILAC makes a contribution to this virtuous circle by donating products every year.

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Le Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie d’Oyonnax

marque musée.jpeg

This museum presents collections that are all have something to do with plastics and combs, in particular. It retraces the industrial history of the Plastics Vallée region.
As a museum donor, GILAC helps to enrich the document database, providing a large number of archives and technical drawings relative to GILAC’s production history. This historic input enables specialists to increase their knowledge, helps preserve the region’s cultural patrimonial heritage and allows unique pieces to be introduced to the general public.

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Le SYNEG - National union of industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers

L’Ecole de Plasturgie d’Oyonnax et Made In Sainte-Marie Lyon

SYNEG is the trade organisation that unites and represents industrial kitchen equipment manufacturers.
By being a member of SYNEG, GILAC benefits from the very latest information on market trends and European and international technical standards.
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