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Biobased lid for 40 L ingredients container - white

Biobased lid for 40 L ingredients container - white

Ref. : G144791

Our products meet the French and European applicable standards.
This Gilac food contact compliance certificate is written in French.

Lid in biobased material for 40 L ingredients container.
Highly resistant thanks to integrated hinges.
The upper container allows the lid to be locked in the open position for ease of use.
Large area for marking contents.
Biobased lid for biobased ingredients containers are white and dye-free. They are also available, in traditional PP in a wide range of colours as well as a clear version.
Lid dimensions:
- with the flap folded: 450 x 408 x 42 mm. - Flat lid: 690 x 400 x 20 mm.
- package dimensions when delivered: 445 x 410 x 42 mm.

Biobased material is made from natural renewable resources instead of fossil resources.
As a responsible French manufacturer, GILAC is now offering alternatives to standard materials, whilst maintaining an optimal level of quality and food safety.
42 mm
408 mm
450 mm
Nesting rate*
0,00 %
0.740 kg
Customs Code
* The nesting rate is the percentage of the container’s height that fits into the other container.

Number of pieces by subpacking unit
Subpacking weight
13,32 kg
Subpacking length
600 mm
Subpacking width
400 mm
Subpacking height
500 mm
Number of items per pallet
Pallet weight
159,84 kg
Pallet length
800 mm
Pallet width
1200 mm
Pallet height
1400 mm
Number of units per layer
Number of layers per pallet
All the technical information on temperature use is given as an indication for the products concerned. GILAC products are used at the user's own risk.

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